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Education for sustainable development

Education for sustainable development

Thinking and acting in a way that is fit for the future: This is the goal of the nationwide initiative "Education for Sustainable Development" - also in Waldeck-Frankenberg. The district of Waldeck-Frankenberg actively supports all schools in the district in implementing the sustainability strategy and provides them with concrete measures for this purpose.

The ESD diploma "Clever macht Zukunft" (Clever Makes Future) is one component of the concept that he offers to schools in Waldeck-Frankenberg together with many other cooperation partners from many different subject areas. In addition, schools can be certified as ESD schools, provided that sustainable activities are also incorporated into everyday school life in the long term.

ESD Diploma "Clever Makes Future

The Schools and Education department has developed concepts for the implementation of the sustainability strategy through which it supports sustainable education with cooperation partners: For elementary schools, it offers the ESD Diploma.

ESD School Waldeck-Frankenberg

In addition to the ESD diploma, the district also offers elementary schools the opportunity to be certified as an ESD school: The aim is to recognize sustainable activities that are incorporated into lessons, everyday school life and organization in the long term.