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Commercial passenger transport

Commercial passenger transport

Any person who wishes to carry passengers for reward or on business must have a permit for the form of transport in question. The prescribed application form for occasional services shall be used for the application for a permit for taxi or hire car services.

The application must be accompanied by documents that allow a judgement to be made about

  • the reliability of the applicant or the person appointed to conduct the business,
  • the safety and efficiency of the business as well as the professional suitability of the applicant or the person appointed to manage the business.

As part of the licensing procedure, the licensing authority checks whether the applicant meets the required personal requirements. In the case of transport by taxi, it must also be checked whether the granting of a permit will not impair the functioning of the local taxi trade. If the requirements are met, a permit is issued by handing out a permit certificate. The permit is valid for up to 4 years. The district administrator of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district is responsible for the municipalities in the district area with up to 7,500 inhabitants.

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