District Women's Office invites you to events in October

Self-organisation, time management, stress management: In October, four events for women will again take place in Waldeck-Frankenberg. The women's office of the district cordially invites you to participate. Registrations are possible as of now.

Information event "Separation and Divorce"
A free information event on separation and divorce will take place on 6 October at 6 pm at the Women's Counselling Centre in Brunnenstraße 53 in Bad Wildungen. The lecture informs about the legal framework and steps of an effective crisis management. Early recognition of rights and obligations in separation and divorce helps to avoid points of contention and can contribute to defusing conflicts. The lecture will deal with child and spousal maintenance, contact and custody rights, the division of household goods and the matrimonial home, property law disputes and pension equalisation and the course of divorce proceedings.

Day seminar: "Can you help?"
Sometimes saying no to others means saying yes to oneself. This is the subject of a day seminar that will take place on 8 October from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the sports, nature and adventure camp in Harbshausen in cooperation with the Büro für Staatsbürgerliche Frauenarbeit e.V. (Office for Civic Women's Work). This event is aimed at women who find setting boundaries difficult, want to strengthen their awareness, gut feeling and self-worth. The aim of the seminar is to strengthen awareness and perception, to recognise and accept one's own boundaries, to accept, to let go, to make space and to say no without having to justify oneself or feeling guilty. The participation fee is 59 euros including lunch and registration is possible until 26 September.

Day seminar "Let go of stress: Thanks to yoga, calm and healthy through work and everyday life"
Stress is a phenomenon that has become a constant companion for many women. Many women are confronted with challenges such as deadline pressure or multitasking in their professional and private lives and often find it difficult to find peace and relaxation in everyday life. How can you escape this vicious circle and learn a healthy way of dealing with stress? And how can yoga and other relaxation techniques help us to be calm and healthy at work and in everyday life? These and other topics will be covered in another one-day seminar on 15 October from 10 am to 4 pm at the fünfseenblick seminar centre in Bringhausen. Participation costs 65 euros including lunch and registration is possible until 30 September.

Online workshop: "Doing the important things right"
Every person has the same amount of time per day. Nevertheless, one sometimes has the feeling that time passes too quickly and that one never has enough of it. On the one hand, time can be measured objectively; on the other hand, there is an individual perception of time. What one considers to be time well spent or time wasted also varies greatly. In order to plan your time well, it is therefore necessary to become aware of your values, goals and needs and to allow yourself time for relaxation, friendships and family, even in stressful situations. In an online workshop on 31 October from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., participants will learn what they can do to manage their time more self-determinedly again and thus be more relaxed and satisfied in everyday life. The workshop is aimed at women who want to improve their work organisation in the balancing act between work, voluntary work and family. Registration is possible until 30 October. The registration link will be sent to the participants.